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Friday, June 6, 2014

Women. Beer. That's All You Need to Know.

Ok, so as some of you know (and the rest of you fake it to impress me), I am one of those: "women in the craft beer business" types.


Still here and actually working to improve my knowledge base by pursuing a full Cicerone certification (with the help of my beer buddy Annette May from Merchants in Dearborn) in the coming months.

Lots going on….but at the risk of digressing I want to point out something to you relative to We Women in the Craft Beer Biz.

Here in Michigan (The Great Beer State) there are some of "us" who want to formalize ourselves into a group that can help educate more women about how great beer is, and bring more XX chromosome types into this business.

To that end, I would present the following, spearheaded by Pauline Knighton from Shorts Brewing.

Ladies, welcome and let me be the first to say…oh, never mind, I should probably just say nothing!

READ ON and fill out the form, join us in Saugatuck (one of MY personal favs) and at Unity, Witch's Hat and Short's for some brew days!

Intro of the Group:

A group of women are interested in starting a trade group for women who work in Michigan's craft beverage industry (beer, mead, cider, etc.). The goal is promote education and diversity, create networking opportunities, and camaraderie amongst women in the craft industry. Name TBD (vote in the google survey below!)
We've already met a couple times, and we are currently forming a non-profit and deciding the structure of the group. We have decided not to be a chapter of the Pink Boots. This is because they do not allow non-craft beer members. We believe Michigan has such a strong community in the craft beverage world that we cannot leave people out. We also want to direct where the funds go that we raise (as scholarships and educational opportunities for members).

We are gaining momentum as more and more women across the state are interested in joining and growing this group. As a launching event for the group, we are organizing brew days at breweries across the state for the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Fest at the end of July. Each brewery that is participating is coming up with a style and we will have a unified label that will advertise the beer as part of the group. We will take this opportunity to get the word out about all the breweries participating on social media, blogs, and the Michigan Beer Guide.
If we're going to be a state-wide organization, we need establishments from all regions (and craft beverage industries) to get involved. If your establishment is interested in brewing a beer for the Summer Fest please let me know. If you are not able to brew a beer, but have women staff members interested in learning about the group and its formation, please take a look at this Google Survey so we can get your information and areas of interest. We encourage you to forward this on to any women in the professional industry who would have interest! 

Google Survey: This gathers your contact information as well as your areas of interest. This is your opportunity to vote is some of the group's structure.

Group Meetings:
The structure of the group is still being decided. We know we will have to rotate locations and days of the week for the meetings in order to have lots of women participate. There is a chance the state will be divided into regions and then a board of directors that will travel to meetings around the state. (In discussion)

Next Meeting:
June 13th at 6:30 (Time to be confirmed soon) at Saugatuck Brewing Co. Megan is being very generous and welcoming us into the brewery. She has also extended an invitation to camp on her property if you enjoy camping and don't want to hit the road that evening. If you want to make a whole day trip out of it, join us in the brew that afternoon. Please let me know if you can join! 

Scheduled Brew Days: All women welcome to these brew days to help out!
Saugatuck: June 13th @ 12pm
Unity Vibrations Pepper Peach Kombucha: Week of the 23rd (contact Rachel info@unityvibrationkombucha.com)
Witch's Hat: June 29th
Short's- TBA

More to be announced soon!

So, there you have it Ann Arbor Beer Wench (remaining) fans.

If you are in ANY WAY affiliated with the craft beverage industry in this great state, fill out the goggle form and join us on June 13 in Saugatuck!

I'm going AND I'm "staying over" (but not "camping out"--this Wench does not "camp out") so I'll buy you a round!

A Somewhat Diminished but No Less Enthusiastic,

p.s. If ANY of you has a screen shot I'm looking for in the new Robocop 3 remake DVD, let me know! Use the email beerwench1966@yahoo.com and send it along! You could win a Wench Hug!

p.p.s. If it's noon on a Friday in Michigan is it ok to have a Short's Huma Lupa Licious? I think it is.

p.p.p.s. Have a great weekend! I have an Arbor Brewing Strawberry Blonde queued up next….

p.p.p.p.s. Got a beer you want me to try and review? email me and let's talk! beerwench1966@yahoo.com


TeacherPatti said...

Can I be in this?

Liz Crowe said...

Yep! just fill out that google form!