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Monday, June 16, 2014

End of an Era--OR The More Things Change...

Good Monday Morning Beer Wench fans, followers, stalkers and (new) haters! What follows is an advertisement for my personal  HOUSE FOR SALE thinly disguised as clever blog posting. Seriously. I am that good.

I am feeling all summery this morning, sitting in front of a fan with my second cuppa, awaiting a soccer match between these dudes…

sorry. distracted AGAIN!

 But I am also pondering how very strange this summer might turn out to be. The Wench family has always been a bit…nomadic, I guess you could say. When we arrived in the Ann Arbor area for the first time with nothing but Wenchling numero Uno and a vague idea that "winters in Michigan" were to be feared back in 1994 we had zero idea where that would lead us.

Where, you ask, oh Beer Wenchie acolyte? Well, our first house in Kerrytown was a special one for us. It was where the spawn was joined by a second, and where I went from "membership specialist" at a local non profit, to "mom of 2 kids under 4 trying to still make money consulting" to "licensed Realtor" (yes that word is trademarked). By 1997, I had my real estate license and was being trained by one of the most respected brokers in the area, Jim Anderson.

But of course, "things change," as we say, and like the plot of a novel you would have to put aside and go "please, that sh*t never happens in real life!" our little world got upended when:
1. I found I was carrying yet another spawn…erm…"wenchling"
2. Mr. Wench took an international assignment with the Major Car Company that was paying the mortgage and stuff.

So, in January 1998 we put our feet on the path towards "professional ex-pat-ism" with a move to Hiroshima, Japan. I started out dragging a 5 year old, a 3 year old and harboring one more through more airports than I care to recall. We returned after many and various adventures in Japan, Turkey and England with a brief layover in Overland Park, Kansas (wow you wanna talk about culture shock!) back to the Deuce in 2004 with a 13 year old, an 11 year old and a first grader. We landed nicely, in a house on Delaware Drive, in a neighborhood I had always admired when selling houses (briefly) in the nineties.

So in 2004 I picked up my life as busy mom and Realtor, this time with the Charles Reinhart Company. Through the past decade, lots of things have changed. As many of you know, I made some fairly serious life decisions with regard to where I wanted to put my creative energies. As a result I am very proud to say that I have published 20 books, am on my way to snagging an agent with a thriller novel, and plan to self publish a series in January that is already named as a "most anticipated" on Goodreads.

During the last half of the last decade I also transformed myself into this very "Beer Wench" you all adore (or despise) so much, complete with bar opening and closing experience, draft box and festival management bona fides and 30 extra pounds, PLUS I became fairly adept at "adverting by spending minimal money" a.k.a. "social networking."

But I digress. My life as Beer Wench was one I chose and I don't regret too much about it even today. Although you'd think I'd learn a lesson or two--I was, after all, once arrested by the Turkish Gendarme and they couldn't wait to get rid of me either. But you know, I'm not complainin'. Just sayin'. 

However, the changes….they are a comin' (again). Based on some decisions made regarding Mr. Wench's career during the "Beer Wench Transition Years" that kept us in Ann Arbor, we sort of blinked three weeks or so ago, looked at each other and said, "Damn. Time to downsize." 

So I would yank the Realtor Hat back on for a bit, pondering why I tossed it aside in the first place, and present to you:
2257 Delaware Drive.

New kitchen

New bathrooms

New patio

fresh interior paint

finished basement with 5th legal bedroom (perfect for a Wenchling studying for the pharmacy school entrance exam…bless him)

and one of the most beautiful backyards, fully shaded by an ancient silver maple tree you'll find!
It's available now. If you want a peek, snag your Realtor or call mine, Frank McVeigh.

Never fear, those of you who care. The Wench family will be hanging around town a bit longer, just in smaller digs since, you know, I hate cleaning and all that. Smaller is Better! (what she said)

CALENDAR NOTE: I will be reading from one of my books (Mutual Release) as part of the Ann Arbor Book Festival's Moonlight Book Crawl Saturday, June 21. Yeah, that title sounds all nasty BUT it's one of the Stand Alone novels of my top selling "Stewart Realty series" set right here in Ann Arbor about a fictional (NO THESE PEOPLE DO NOT EXIST I MADE THEM UP but you will love them!) bunch of folks who sell real estate and own and run breweries and distribution companies. Yep, you know "write what ya know," at least for now! And the titles? Well, if you are a realtor, you will get them all.
Anyways, I'll have copies of the "Jack and Sara Trilogy" (first 3 books of the series: Floor Time/Sweat Equity/Closing Costs in one bundle), Mutual Release, and the award winning Essence of Time, also a stand alone novel within this series on me in paperback form for your purchasing pleasure (cash or check, please and thanks).

WHEN? you ask! WHERE oh Wench can we hear the melodious sounds of your slightly Southern drawl as you read from your tome? 
SATURDAY, JUNE 21 5 P.M. AT THE BLUE TRACTOR BBQ & BREWERY! Book and a Brew…yup. I'm all about that. and I can't wait to see you there! 

GO USA! And lest you forget that I do love the Beautiful Game and watching the Beautiful Men who play it every day for the next 10 or so…..THIS (and yeah, I objectify, but I also appreciate)

ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News

oh….and for all y'all who think I don't offer equality in terms of objectification….

(look! what I got for running my mouth on twitter about the #USMNT so much! The marketing genius boggles even MY mind!)

A moving on
Thanks Homer, this is now my mantra.

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Anonymous said...

I would encourage those of you who like beer and a fun author reading to stop by. I have attended one of Liz's book events over at Wolverine and it was fun. Plus, there was beer. If this is STILL not enough to entice you, let me mention that their ribs are also good.