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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Wait Is Over….

The day has arrived.

So have the sandwiches.

Here is what you, dear current and/or future customer/fan of the Wolverine State Brewing Company need to know about How It Works.

The Top Ten Things to Remember Tonight/These Next Few Weeks in the Tap Room:


9.  When you order a sandwich or platter, you will be given a table number to display where you are seated. We have food runners who will then deliver your fresh-made sandwich to you.

8.  Food runners are not bartenders. If you require another beer or water or a soda, please return to the bar to order that. They will, however, bring you extra napkins or utensils or other food-related items like extra sour cream for your nachos.

7.  Bartenders are not food runners. They are there to serve your delicious Wolverine lager, Ann Arbor's finest tap water or your fizzy cola and to take the food orders ONLY.

6.  Cleaning up is a group project. Think "Panera" only "with beer." Anything you can and are willing to do to discard your plates and whatnot is appreciated (but of course, not required).

5.  We do have "to go" boxes if you want to take half that sammie home with you. We are not CURRENTLY set up to take orders over the phone but hope to add that option soon.

4.  We want your feedback! In the coming days I will have a simple comment/suggestion card available for you to fill out and drop in a box.

3.  Customers are not to walk around to the kitchen for any reason. That is an "employees only" area. Please respect this. We don't walk into your kitchen to ask "how's it going?" when you're trying to make Thanksgiving Dinner for a hundred or so people.

2.  Menus will be lying around the Tap Room. We encourage you to read, enjoy and be ready to order when you get to the "Order Here" spot.

1.  There will be lines. As our bartenders and food runners and kitchen staff work through these early days we anticipate that extra patience on the part of you, loyal customer, will be required. I'm sure you understand and the food will be worth the wait!

My favs? The Brewmaster and the Knock Out.

Take it away Swedish Chef!

See you tonight!!!

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chefgrasso said...

Bardelis has a future as a sandwich model!