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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Letting My Cards Flag Fly OR Silly Vacation Photos Part 1

Well, today is the day.

It's "Cardmageddon" according to one of my favorite sports bloggers.


The day my Louisville Cardinals take on a Florida team…in Florida in football about 30 minutes or so AFTER my basketball Cards play their annual hugest rivalry game versus that team in Lexington.

Yep. It's big doings and I'm lucky enough to be able to experience it live!

The family has travelled to our fair share of bowl games with the Cards. We've cut a swath through Memphis, Jacksonville and Miami but were not able to attend last year's amazing defeat over Florida in the Sugar Bowl. And sort of decided that year we would not be skipping these events again, if we can help it.

As serendipity would have it Soccer Wenchling ended up on a team that got invited to the National Soccer League Tournament in….Orlando…over New Years. So here we sit. Today we will attend the alumni basketball game watching party at a tailgate event before heading into the stadium for the football game. It's a kind of orgasmic experience for true sports fans. The only thing that would make it the Full Monty, the home run, the Happy Ending would be if we could have gotten into the official Cardinals hotel to celebrate. We did that in Miami at the Orange Bowl several years ago and my friends THAT rocked.

So…hang onto your hats. I'll have tons of photos and fun stuff to share tonight as we watch the Wolverine's baby QB take on their opponent (sue me, I can't remember at this moment who that is) at 10 after our long day of Cardinal sports!

Oh, but hang on a sec….I found some photos I can share….yeah. As we waited for the Wenchlings to emerge from the Spiderman ride we got suckered into…supported the Universal Park's bank account…this way (p.s. "James Rocks and you should all find his photo booth outside the Spiderman Ride at Universal Orlando and let him subject you to this")

You know, sometimes, during the reconsideration of priorities contemplation, you should stick your face on a hot chick's body. It helps with the "what purpose do I really have?" question. 
Answer: I need to get back into shape! All my slacker-ness relative to my own health in the last few years while my priorities were not where they obviously should have been, shows. And one thing I DO know about 2014 it will be the Year This Wench Gets Her Health Mojo Back.  Watch me.  

enjoy (here is what a $7 plastic cup of Yuengling Lager looks like, in case you wondered).

Go Cards.
(in the way of things, met up with a former Chi Omega sister at the Universal Studios entrance yesterday!)

P.S. In the Tap Room today the feature is smoked beef brisket on brioche bun with Amber lager BBQ sauce. This won't last so all you suckers up on freezing cold Michigan should get over to grab this for lunch. Catch the game at the Tap Room tonight.
p.p.s. Go Blue
p.p.p.s. This sign? On the "Harry Potter World" ride at Universal? You should take it VERY SERIOUSLY. I speak from personal experience. 2 hours in line, I read this sucker like 20 times and STILL got on it. And honestly? I'm still motion sick today and only stopped just this side of puking all over Harry and the gang.

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Mary Hardin-Moore said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation! Avoid Space Mountain if you do Disney. I swear they have sped it up. I staggered off last year and discovered after walking thru half the park that the ride had snapped my bra! Need to have warning for that, too!