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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Week That Was--OR Football Season Begins

Ok, people, enough with the "we beat the school a few miles north by a zillion points" or whatever. Let's take a minute an talk about what's REALLY important....all the cool stuff that happened around the Wolverine State Brewing Co last week! Yeah! That!

To wit:
We were visited by Mr. Gulo Himself.
Yup, this lovely New York couple was on a self-guided tour of Michigan breweries and they brought a mascot with them to see us!

Also trending this week: Famous Authors In DA House!
We hosted Dave Bardallis' first book signing ever, surely the first of many as he (and our very own Allen "Shaggy" Williams behind the camera on many shots) signed what will undoubtedly become THE go-to history book of Ann Arbor--the one about the BEER!
Yeah, that's me hogging his spotlight in a few pix.....sue me.

 Our Celebrities!

Speaking of....Yours Truly will be hanging with a few football celebs this coming Friday on the MgoPatio!
It's NOT piss beer and I will prove it to you all, damn you and your piss beer preconceptions!
Click here for All the Awesome Details! 

Not to be outdone, our unofficial House Band DRAGON WAGON is gonna kick off the Huge Football Weekend When There is a Night Game on Friday as well, with a TOGA PARTY!
Last but VERY MUCH NOT LEAST, we are thrilled to have the 3rd Coast Kings bringing the funk to the Tap Room to prep you kids for said Night Game vs. Notre Dame! Live music Saturday begins at 2 pm!
And...(yeah we were DAMN BUSY last week) we release Gulo Gulo I.P.L. to our local distributor this week! Out the door went the first batch and the demand is high so be sure and check your local grocery stores for six packs SOON!

 Happy Brew Staff...Happy Distributor Fred....Happy Wench!

Finally, a few pix of the first week of tailagating. No we didn't have the Wolverine Premium Lager cans ready but I assure you will for next week PLUS we are hosting a huge tailgate party on Oct. 19 in conjunction with our local distributor so....stay tuned for more info!

 Yeah, we fired up some Chipps....sorta....(what? my kid goes there!)

Oh boy, I need a nap.....more to come!
Go Cards (today)
Love ya unless you're one of my haters, and in that case ... never mind

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