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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome To August in Ann Arbor

greetings Wench fans and others even not fans!

It appears, contrary to the fact that my windows are open this fine Sunday morning onto a day that feels like mid September, that August has arrived in Ann Arbor once more.

What that means around the Wolverine State Brewing Company as relates to you:

1.  We are featuring our PREMIUM LAGER as "Beer of the Month"--this is the "beer that started it all," the impetus for creating a lager-centric brewery that has, so far, stood us in pretty good stead.

2. Said Premium Lager will be available in cans by the time the football team down the road takes the field on August 31. You will ONLY be able to procure them in the Tap Room but, conveniently enough, we are a mere mile west of said facility where the teams shall meet.

3. The Gulo Room has a few weekends still available in August and September for your partying pleasure (that sounded funny but whatever) including a few football Saturdays for pre- or post-game revels.

4.  Here is the August list of live music for your calendar notations:

Tues. Aug. 6         Sam Corbin

Thurs. Aug. 8      Adams Ale

Tues. Aug. 13       Joshua Davis

Sat. Aug. 17          CornDaddy

Tues. Aug. 20           Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellies

Thus. Aug. 22           Nick's Jazz Trio

Sat. Aug. 24:        Third Coast Kings

Tues. Aug. 27       Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellies

Sat. Aug. 31          The Ben Daniels Band

5. One month to football season!!!!!

Love and kisses
Wench (A2)


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