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Thursday, August 22, 2013

On a Voyage...to a New Beer!

It's that time again....time to let the Brewer Speak. This time, he's filling us in on VOYAGEUR, a unique new brew now on tap in our Tap Room!

Voyageur *Saison - Lager*
6.5% abv / 36 ibu

A Saison (say-zonn) is historically a Belgian Ale brewed at the end of the cool season in
Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, to last through the warm months before
refrigeration was common. It had to be sturdy enough (higher alcohol) to last through the
summer but still quenching and refreshing for the summer season. Today it is brewed in
craft breweries all over the U.S. as a seasonal beer.

Our Voyageur Saison is brewed with all the traditional ingredients including malt
grown in the Franco-Belgian region around the borders of France and Belgium. We
also used:
 German Munich malt, Turbinado Sugar or Demerara Sugar, Wheat malt, Vienna malt,
and a touch of roasted malt for a bit of orange color.

We used Saaz hops from Czechoslovakia and East Kent Golding hops from the UK.
Then we spiced the brew in the kettle with Sweet Orange Peel and Grains of Paradise.
Saisons and Belgian beers in general are typically VERY aromatic and flavorful with
distinct estery and unique overall profiles that are defined in their specifics, as well as the
broad spectrum of crazy things going on in a Belgian beer. This “craziness” is a product
of the different ingredients used besides just malt and hops, usually spices and different
sugars. Also the different Belgian yeasts available have the ability to give beers very
interesting character.

Our Voyageur is named as such as because we have embarked on another new beer
adventure by blending our House Lager yeast with a different yeast, namely a
Belgian Saison yeast, at a specific time during fermentation to try and capture both
the essence of a Saison and the crisp, clean flavors of a lager. The Voyageur is
characterized by a big bubble gum, banana, and ripe apple aroma. A tart, highly
carbonated, and slightly sour mouthfeel. Then it bombards you with mild citrus fruit
flavors, a bit of spice character from the Grains of Paradise and Saaz hops. A dry and
crisp finish helps make this complex “Mixed Culture” (because of the yeast blending)
beer very thirst quenching.

All in all Belgian inspired beers should be explored and not
pigeon-holed into one dimension of experience like how many beers are defined. I urge
the staff and customers to try and sift through the complexities of the Voyageur and try
and find different flavors and aromas that stand out to them. It is always interesting to
see what people get out of a beer like this because there is SO MUCH GOING ON! Yet,
it is still a pleasant and easy drinking experience.

.....he really is cute when he gets excited about something isn't he....

Join us for one of our 14 different lagers TONIGHT in the Tap Room as we welcome a brand new musical guest: NICK'S JAZZ QUARTET which describes itself thusly:
The amazing organist Glenn Tucker (A2/Detroit) and the lyrical, persuasive saxophone playing of Tim Haldeman (A2/Chicago) join Ann Arbor and former NYC drummer Nick Collins. Hard-swinging original compositions and modern jazz repertoire (e.g. Monk, Shorter, Henderson) will be energetically performed. These three perform often together in several Ann Arbor and Detroit venues (Cliff Bell’s, Elks Pratt Lodge, Rush St.) and are excited to bring their music to a new neighborhood venue with excellent original beers. NO COVER.

PLUS! be sure and join us this Saturday (8/24) for our first show with THE THIRD COAST KINGS! Detroit public television will be on hand in the Tap Room filming them for an upcoming show. Let's show them just how full we can get that Tap Room shall we?

And just because this is how I feel today.....and I am officially taking apps for minions starting now.


TeacherPatti said...

That new beer sounds good! I so wish I could make the jazz concert tonight! But I must save our environment (ha ha no really I just have an environmental commission meeting0

Liz said...

Ok, Patti, counting on you to cure global warming....