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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Wolverine Update, Spring/Summer 2013

It's that time of year, the "in betweens," I like to think of them. School is out (or may as well be for all the attention the kids pay it). People are in vacation mode (if you are lucky enough to snag one of those). Summer is attempting to creep into the Southeast Michigan weather pattern. And we are all doing various countdowns to football season.

I myself have achieved a milestone, having passed Wenchling Numero Dos through the portals of high school with the full pomp and circumstance, tents and bonfires necessary to mark such a momentous occasion.

We are also anticipating a few changes around the brewery, well mostly the Tap Room, and I wanted to share a few of them with you.

We are moving ourselves fully into the 21st Century, register wise, ditching our glorified abacus of a cash register and working to educate ourselves on the shiny new Point of Sale computer....no promises on how fast we get this sucker up to speed but between us we share a few brain cells so you can look for opportunities to be patient with the staff as they round the learning curve, but rest assured the whole thing will undoubtedly be so seamless as to be unnoticeable soon!  Oh and bonus: we won't need to hijack your credit cards anymore....all around a good thing.

We have some sweet new swag, in the form of Gulo Gulo tee shirts. These go for $15 each and we have lots of 'em so come and get one for the perfect Father's Day gift. Speaking of Father's Day, bring dad in with you and his first beer is on us on Sunday!

All our other tees are half off (not the new ones) in the meantime--so, more gift giving opportunities abound in the Tap Room!

Don't forget our mixed case special: One six pack each of Premium, Amber, Dark and Gulo Gulo for just $30!

Tiger's trip tix are going fast...be sure and reserve yours ASAP!

Violin Monster was here....

We have a stage....
We love non profit events and golf outings...

The hops are shooting right up! The hop/beer garden trellis should be even prettier soon.

And be sure and congratulate JOSH EVANS, who is now officially the Tap Room Manager.

See you soon!

kudos to regulars Mattie and Bob O'Brien for snagging this elusive Spanish edition of Vanity Fair with My Favorite Soccer Player Ever on the cover....who needs translation? I wanted it for the photos.

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