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Friday, June 28, 2013

Summertime...And the Beer Is Delicious

Greetings and welcome to the 3rd Official Summer of the Wolverine State Brewery's existence on Ann Arbor's west side. Have you seen how well our hop garden is growing?  No? Well you should....

It's BoTM Feature time and you know what THAT means....Yep, I turn the Beer Wench blog over to Himself. A.k.A. The Brewer to tell us in his words about VERANO....

VERANO~ Spanish for "Summer"
Mexican-style Amber Lager
4.5% abv ~ 15 IBU's

The Verano is a very simple beer and can be called "Mexican-style" for a few reasons:

1.  Our house yeast is a lager yeast that originates from Mexico City
2.  The use of adjuncts (any other grain besides barley) in the brew is consistent to the way many Mexican lagers are made.
3. And of course, there is the lime.....

We use flaked corn and rice in this brew to significantly lighten the body compared to our Amber Lager which is an all barley malt beer.  The Vienna-style of our Amber Lager is kind of the big brother to the Mexican styles found commercially today including Dos Equis Amber, Negro Modelo, etc. The Vienna style amber made its way to South and Central America after World War II with the migration of Germans to those regions and they brought their Amber lager recipes with them from Europe. To better suit the tastes and by using available grains in the region, the style was lightened all around to give us a more approachable beer.

Our Verano is brewed to be kind of in the middle of the Vienna and Mexican styles. It has a much more distinct malt profile and more body than the industrial examples, which keeps us in line with our craft offerings but will has a good "Lawnmower Beer" feel.

Quenching, crisp, light and sessionable, the Verano is made with Vienna malt, Pilsner malt, rice, corn and a touch of black malt to give it the bright Amber. It hopped with Germans hops.


AND we can officially announce our Michigan Brewer's Guild Summer Beer Fest line up:
(get a pencil....I'll wait....you'll want to get this down as we are changing the line up from Friday to Saturday!)

Friday Beers:
-Wolverine Premium Lager
-Wolverine Amber Lager
-Gulo Gulo I.P.L.

-Voyageur Saison-Lager
-Chrysalis Wit Lager
-Verano Mexican-style Amber Lager
-Volitionist - Dry Stout Lager

Saturday Beers:

-Wolverine Premium Lager
-Wolverine Amber Lager
-Gulo Gulo I.P.L.

-Au Sable Rye I.P.L.
-Virtuous White I.P.L.
-Scavenger Wood-Aged I.P.L.
-Zythgeist Zythos Pilsner 
-Insolent Mink I.P.A. 

PLUS we have a few tickets left for our July trip to Comerica Park (yeah this is the day after beer fest we know that already, but thanks!)

Happy Summer!
Wench and Brewers

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Mattie O'Brien said...

Yeah!!! Thank you for Amber on Friday evening's Beer Fest, it's my fav and I'm going to be there Friday... :-)
Love you all.