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Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Solstice a.k.a. VERANO RELEASE DAY!

Greetings from a Wench on The Road this week. Yep, I go out of town for a very few reasons, usually Soccer Wenchling related but this time I'm at a writer's conference in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, A.k.A. The Vegas of The Smokies.  This place is, in a word, surreal, but the mountains are beautiful, and the folks sound like I used to (and am increasingly sounding like yet again).

I'm just popping in to remind y'all of a few things.

1. It's VERANO release day! That's right, our popular Mexican lager is back on tap today and yes we have limes.   

2.  The first annual Wolverine Beer Golf Outing is Saturday, July 13. You can sign up and pay at the Tap Room.

3. A few tickets remain for the 3rd annual Wolverine Beer Tigers Game Field Trip! Get yours at the Tap Room.

4.  We are hosting another fun raiser for the Ann Arbor Civic Theater. It's a Pie contest this time, on Sunday, June 30. Join us!

I think that's it. I gotta go meet some more cover models and convert them to my way of drinking.

Wenchie on the Road.

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