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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kentucky Derby 2013---Wolverine Style!

For those of you who "really know me," (as opposed to those of you who claim it) you "know" I am a Kentucky girl in my soul.

 Every time I hear My Old Kentucky Home (in its current politically correct version, YES I KNOW IT'S A SONG THAT GLORIFIES SLAVERY. I am against slavery for the record but I love this song).

I grew up knowing inherently, like it was coded into my DNA that The First Saturday in May is a holiday on par with Easter or Christmas (combined with St. Patty's Day) in terms of preparations and parties and celebrations. It's a Big Deal.

I myself have been to the event many times, both in the infield where if you are even aware there are horses around you're not drunk enough, in my friend's Grandstand and in the Stands themselves. I've gone with friends, seen friends get engaged, rescued friends from jail after there, taken my kids, had too many juleps in a fancy hat and dress--the works, really. I even won as much as $400 once on a single race and bought everyone around me juleps which pretty much negated that.

When we lived overseas we transplanted the Derby Party concept into Turkish in Istanbul at a beautiful downtown Istanbul restaurant and into English by actually going to the Original Derby (pronounced "Darby" you cretins) with our friends visiting from the States (the ones who got engaged at the Kentucky version of this classic race.)

Owning a small business and having kids involved in spring sports however, can preclude lively jaunts to the south and shelling out the dough required to attend such a bucket-list style event. We've skipped it for 2 years now. Our stated goal for next year is not to, but who knows what the year will bring. Needless to say we NEVER EVER skip the celebration.

This year, I brought the fun to the Wolverine Tap Room and put out a call for Derby hats with horse, roses and craft beer themes. Some of you kids got beautifully creative! Well done to all of you and THANKS For hanging out and watching the fastest two minutes in sports (and drinking a fair bit afterwards...)


A Slightly Still Homesick

We are STILL Number 1!


Mattie Rose O'Brien said...

Oh Lord Almighty, Thank you so much for posting these pictures...I am laughing so hard a my New Jersey husband in a Derby hat, that I am crying!

Melissa Keir said...

I love the race! I used to wish I could be a jockey or trainer. I even considered going to MSU for it. Too bad that I realized that the job wasn't really a good one for Michigan and my hubby couldn't move. :)