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Thursday, May 2, 2013


BOCK (month) is upon us. So I'm letting the brewer speak again....

Drag Me To Helles
7.5% abv
29 ibu

This style of this seasonal offering is also known as a Helles Bock which means "pale bock", traditional bock beers tend to be darker and richer in malt and bread flavors. Now is there a difference between a Maibock and a Helles Bock...?  This is up for interpretation but most consider them synonymous.  However!  Some would say that a Maibock is brewed to the upper spectrum of style in color and hoppiness, either way it is one of our favorite beers for the season.

Although it has a  higher abv of 7.5%, the DMTH is a very refreshing lager beer, perfect for the warmer weather of early spring and to give sustenance as we begin to work our way out to our gardens and fields.  We brew our Maibock with 100% German malt and hops to get the most authentic profile we can.  This brew has a sweet nose of malt with a smidge of spicy hop aroma.  The flavor is a beautiful representation of a straight forward malty lager with some hints of melanoidins (read: toasty and bready flavors).

Hickory Dickory Bock
Traditional Bock Beer aged on cured Hickory
6.6% abv
21 ibu

We in the brewery have been waiting for the release of this beer for some time now.  The premise was simple as we took a classic Bock recipe and considered how long we would want to lager/cold-condition beer after the fermentation was finished and we coupled that with our recent experience with aging beers on wood.  This was so we could give the Hickory Dickory Bock the best possible amount of time to age the beer cold, and age it on the wood to extract the flavors from the hickory. 

I think we nailed this one.  Not only is the base beer a very smooth, malty, rich, flavorful bock beer with an especially clean finish the hickory wood imparted just subtle hints of its character which can be defined as mesquite, marshmallowy, and an actual woody flavor, and like the Shiny New Toy the use of wood helped to really smooth out the overall profile of the beer.

A little history of the Bock style:  This style originated in the northern German city of Einbeck which was a brewing center and beer exporting area between the 14th and 17th centuries. The name "Bock" is simply a bastardized version of the city's name so "Einbeck" beer became "Bock" beer. In German "Bock" also means "billy-goat" so pictures of the animal are often used in conjunction with the beer.

BEGINNING FRIDAY, MAY 3 WE WILL OFFER BEER OF THE MONTH PITCHER SPECIALS! $12 for the Beer of The Month pitcher which means for May you have a choice:
Hickory Dickory

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Mattie O'Brien said...

Well, I can say for sure that you had a lot of happy customers checking out the new Bocks yesterday!