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Monday, April 8, 2013

Who'da Guessed It? A Wench's Lesson about Rivals.

And now...there are just 2.

All the myriad texts, emails, facebook and twitter messages I have received in the last 48 hours have been, you know, just great.  I got just as many from my Michigan peeps as my Cards ones, plus several neutral parties all asking me one thing along the lines of "how you will decide who to cheer for on Monday??"


 It's made me stop and think (when I'm not nervously gnawing my fingernails off) about the nature of rivalry.

As a Kentucky girl--the kind raised right to love bourbon, basketball and fully understand that the First Saturday in May is a holy holiday--I can relate to the whole "interstate rivalry" thing. Why, it was just last year when Louisville made yet another run to the Final Four (that's right, we were there last year too) only to be struck down rather expectedly by a University of Kentucky team that didn't even get invited to The Big Dance this year.

I also value the "traditional rivalries." Like that team of blue-tinged demons, and the orange-dudes in NY, and of course the "other 'cats" up across the Ohio River.  It's a lot like the traditional rivalries for Michigan football really.  An I'm just as hard core a Louisville fan as all you Go Blue football types on any given Saturday in the Fall.

Rivalries have history, resonance, and bring out the face-painted crazed fanatic in us all. But allow me just this one moment to remind you, dear, beloved Beer Wench A2 fans and acolytes: I was but a mere innocent (Ok, that's pushing it) Freshmen in college, new to "college life" on the campus of the University of Louisville, spring semester 1986.  Remember that year? IF you are a true roundball fan you do. The Cardinals under (our first of 2 Hall of Fame Coaches) Denny Crum beat the Duke Blue Devils 72-69. It was a lovely intro into said "college life" that night I tell you and I am READY FOR ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP!

So bring it on, Beilein and the gang from just down the street.
Louisville 1st
Cards Forever.
Win for Ware

A primer:
Teams I am NEVER FOR (a.k.a. Teams I want to lose no matter who they are playing)

These are teams I'm against Some of the time:

These are the teams I'm for ALL THE TIME....except when they play Louisville:
I'm sure you can understand.

And while many of you may scoff and call me "chicken" or whatever, it is very likely that I will be watching tonight's game in my Lucky chair, clutching my Lucky beer, wearing my Lucky sweatshirt....at my Lucky House. I have rituals, you see, and am loathe to break them just so I can subject myself to a bar full of catcalls and Cardinal Hate. Again, I'm certain you can understand.

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Melissa Keir said...

Sometimes it's about the way you grew up as much as it is the place you grew up. I'm going to enjoy the game, no matter who wins because they all have worked their behinds off to get here and deserve it! Enjoy your night and enjoy your lucky chair. I'm sure it will be an amazing game!