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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

View from A Wench

Greetings A2BW fans, follows, stalkers and others.

It's a random every day Tuesday 'round the Wolverine State Brewing Company today. The rain seems to have let up, we had about a split second of glorious sun (it's cloudy again), and we are plotting and planning for May and beyond.

You can see Oliver the Brewer's new "Beer of the Month" feature in Current magazine beginning in May.

Brewer Karl loves distributor pick up day!

Brewer Rick does too...

Watch for our fun new ad in Current Mag:
....yes that is a bottle of Gulo Gulo...more on that later....

We are still celebrating GREENTHUMB as our Beer of the Month! 

And anticipate May as "BOCK MONTH" and will feature
Drag Me To Helles 
Hickory Dickory Bock

We did a wee bit of market research last Friday (gotta love a brewery when it's time for benchmarking)

We should have the date for the WTKA Michigan Insider Wench's Team Won But She Still is Throwing a Party, party soon!

OH and just in case you forgot (I didn't) My Team is still National NCAA Basketball Champs! (got my shirts today!)
And this truly was my fav photo of "that night" just a week ago now:
Wench's Moment of Zen:

Carry On Folks! 
You know I love ya
Yes, I am sore but digging into week 2 of the "fitness plan"

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