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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Releasing my Inner Fit Wench

In the interest of full disclosure, allow me to say that I am not naturally inclined to exercise.

I'm perfectly content to sit, drink, read, write...lather, rinse, repeat.

 I never played a sport, I am definitely NOT a runner (just ask my peeps at the MOa2 Hash House Harriers) although I am a GREAT supporter...you know...of athletics.

However, in the last 3 years I have taken my personal distaste for activity much beyond walking my standard poodles or other, more pleasurable sorts of ways to burn calories that end with a nice nap a bit too far. Even I will admit it.  I've never been one to obsess about my weight but up until about 2010 I had disciplined myself into a program that more or less allowed me to eat and drink whatever I wanted and still stay (more or less) the jeans size I was used to. Then, I got reeeeeaaaaallllly good at excuses--you know the kind: gotta blog, gotta write, gotta go on sales calls, gotta manage websites and social networking, gotta manage expansion, gotta manage the Tap Room. Busy. Busy. Busy. No time for all that...exercise...nonsense. Yes I will have another beer, thanks!

(not me, by the way but one of the few postures I like.)

I still go to Bikram yoga off and on but have not been as committed to it as I once was. But then, I got contacted by a gal down the street from the brewery with Title Boxing Club. Boxing. Yeah. I don't watch it, and never made it through the first half of Million Dollar Baby (I know how it ends, of course.  It's a dangerous sport, boxing).

I looked them up. They are a national entity, that has moved its entire operations to Our Fair City, Ann Arbor. Cool. The gal down there was interested in a cross promotion. I thought...hmmm..beer and boxing gloves? Sounds like a recipe for a police raid of my bar to me. No thanks.

 But then, I read a little more about them.  And I started thinking. Well, actually I got a good long look at the Wenchie physique (read: lack thereof) and wondered if a change up of some sort, some new goal, was what I needed to recharge.

So I gave it a shot. (Just so you know some of these are blurry 'cause I am just that lightening fast and I knew she was taking pictures so I moved extra speedy between gasping for breath and wishing for death).

And I am saying right here, right now, in front of God and the Internet and all y'all: I am gonna see this through. My plan is to alternate this way "fun" workout (as "fun" as any workout can be but the lovely and adorable Adam did keep it lively I will say) with my Bikram practice, hoping for a bit of strength, flexibility, ability-to-sweat-buckets-and-still-live balance.

As I sit here I can already feel my shoulders, upper back and, oddly, calf muscles slowly starting to seize up and set up a cry for "Sit! Drink! Don't Hurt Us Anymore!" but I shall ignore them, drink more water, take a few ibuprofen, and allow my inner Fit Wench to Emerge.

Soon, they will be offering a fun "box and brew" special down at Title, which is next to that goldfish pool swim thing in the ACE Hardware shopping center. They will pick a couple of classes on Friday and Saturday that, if you attend, you get a certificate for a killer discount in my brewery. The featured Box and Brew class will be announced on their Facebook page (but the promo does not start until May). Also, and perhaps even cooler, I am going to be putting together a WENCH POSSE, which sounds like a title for a new book but is really a group of people who will get to workout with ME at Title, for free once and then decide if they want to keep pounding and kicking  the living sh*t out of a boxing bag while music blares and some guy yells at them--I mean, "Get In Shape At Title Boxing Club."

Seriously, I thought it was pretty cool. For exercise. And you can stare at that bag and picture whomever you want! That, ladies and gents, was worth the effort.

I'll take pix as I go through this little experiment of Bikram Boxing (hmmm......that sounds like a killer crossover gym to me).  Follow along! Let's get fit! Or at the very least let's workout enough so we can drink all the beer we want and not have to buy bigger jeans!

Wish me luck and join me if ya want! Details of the Wench Posse to emerge.

A hovering on the verge of being REALLY sore

p.s. I'll be at the Bikram studio tomorrow first thing, trying not to cry. It's about the only goal I have in there. Namaste THIS! More on the Bikram mindset (the one where you don't cry within 30 minutes of being in that room) later.

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Teacherpatti said...

I go there too! I will go in the mornings with you in the summer!