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Monday, April 22, 2013

News and More from the Tap Room

Your official A2 Beer Wench Update for the week:

1.  COMMON REACTION IS BACK ON TAP! Our take on the hybrid California Common style, a crowd favorite is available once again in the Tap Rom.

2.  Movie night is ON this Thursday. On conjunction with Whole Foods Ann Arbor....

3.  Lindsay Lou is in the House on Tuesday!

4. We will have our BEER OF THE MONTH posters available for sale beginning next week!

5. In May we are planning to designate Thursdays as "Game And Beer of The Month" night. We'll have a bunch of board games and cards on hand for you to use and you can get your growler of the Beer of the Month filled for 1/2 price WITH the purchase of a 15 ounce pour of any other beer. Details to emerge.

6. On Friday, May 17 you can purchase six packs or cases of GULO GULO, our fiercely hopped India Pale Lager. Bottles will ONLY be available in the Tap Room (sort of like the Massacre was).
We'll be throwing ourselves a little release party with live music from the Jo Serrapere Trio and The Path (both new groups for us).
P.S. YES I SAID WE WILL HAVE GULO GULO IN BOTTLES (but not until May 17). Let the rejoicing commence.

Here is to a much calmer week, all around, for everyone.

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TeacherPatti said...

I'm so bummed to miss that movie :( I hope more events like that come up in the future!