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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And Then There Were Four

Funny thing, being the true fan of a highly rated sports program...when push comes to shove and all is said and done, when the water is under the bridge and the birds come home to roost...NOTHING CHANGES.

Thanks to the Michigan Insider guys, Sam and Ira for texting me within five minutes of Louisville's BLOW OUT of Duke (sorry, I have to say that a few times it's a Louisville Fan Thing) to remind me they wanted to me to chat on air with them since both Louisville and Michigan made the Final Four.  We have ourselves a friendly wager going: Michigan wins, they get a party in the Gulo Room on me for 30 friends. Louisville wins I am on air with them talking all the smack I want the Wednesday after the game.

But of course, as you know, I am focusing one game ahead. My mantra was "Undefeated in March." That worked. So now, it's "Undefeated in April." Gotta get past that other Kansas school and I still believe that ANY team is beatable ANY day of the week.

That said, I can't tell you how much fun I have had during Michigan's incredible basketball run to the final four this year. The energy around every game in my Tap Room has been fantastic, albeit I've had to remind a few fans that "basketball" sometimes takes patience and one or two or even three losses in a long season (when there is indeed more than one game a week!) does NOT EQUAL the sky falling.

John Beilein had his work cut out for him when he showed up in Ann Arbor all those years ago. But he is a great coach, boasts a tactical mind, and is a solid recruiter. And now, the wait has paid off. Mind you, one must practice to become a true "basketball fan" through years of dedication to honing the craft of patience.

Teams "appear."

Programs "are built."

I believe Michigan has done the latter and that this is the first of many great years to come.
And if I could capture the sort of vibe that abounded in my Tap Room on Friday at the win over Kansas...well, I'd be a happy beer bar owner indeed. Yes, it's like that most every time Louisville plays in pretty much every bar in the 'Ville but we've had a few years to get our heads around being roundball fans.

And so.......

Allow me to say.....

This is OUR year!


Of course we will be watching Saturday in the Tap Room. After a quickie, totally unscientific poll I have determined that the Beer Special will be the same as it was for the Kansas Game. I am a very superstitious fan. Ergo:
DURING THE MICHIGAN V. SYRACUSE GAME which should begin around 9 pm or so


Join us for the culmination of an AMAZING SEASON! With great beer specials during the Michigan Game.
If you have not already figured it out, I will be in my lucky chair at my lucky house, clutching my lucky bourbon during the First Game. Never rule out an underdog.

Go Cards and for one more game
Go Blue

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