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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Bracket Kings....and a Queen

This is easily one of my favorite weeks of the year...rivaling Christmas (the time of overspent, over-expectation), New Year's Eve (overdressed and over-emphasized), birthdays (I'm over these altogether unless they involve plastic surgery gifts), even the "end of school year" although the "start of school year" still has happy meaning for me as I have one more kid to get through the system.

No, MARCH MADNESS, a.k.a. The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament time is very special to me--thrilling for a lot of reasons not the least of which:
1. I am from Kentucky (but relished that NIT opening round score last night...so sue me)
2. I am a third generation alumni of the University of Louisville
3. I am a giant sports fan generally (see Number 1)
4. I own a beer bar in a state that is represented by 2 schools this year and the Big Ten Conference generally
5. Bear with me: GO CARDS!

So in honor of this momentous month of roundball crazy (yes I know the Cardinals are picked to win which, to any true Cardinal fan means death, Morehead State Style although we represent and smack talk all day long)
 I decided to host a wee party in the Tap Room.
The 1st Annual Wolverine State Brewing Co. Bracket Science EVENT and CONTEST was a huge amount of fun, which pretty much all parties agree, including my radio pals, Sam Webb and Ira Weinbtraub, The Michigan Insiders from WTKA 1050 (the Unofficial Voice of the University of Michigan Sports).

It began with this guy, Pete Tiernan, a local dude who is also a CBS sportswriter and owner of the www.bracketscience.com blog. He is a stats genius, they say, and many folks including CBS sports turn to him for guidance during this early "pick your brackets" stage of the week.

Once we came up with the concept of a panel discussion and set the date, I reached out to the aforementioned radio buddies, Sam and Ira to get them on board.

Then I had a chat with one of my fav authors, John U. Bacon, sports commentator and New York Times Best Seller, Michigan fan, and egregious bragger (if you were there, you know what I mean when I say "well, I was in ________'s office one day and..."  It's okay Bacs--we know you gotta do that.)  He showed up about 30 minutes into the discussion fresh off a plane and with his old school newspaper bracket in hand.
We were honored by a visit from none other than local and state sports guru Geoff Larcom:

After a couple of hours of discussion with a standing room only crowd, we relaxed with our usual Tuesday Bluegrass and a few more lagers.

It was awesome and rumor is not only does John U have some reading to do, Sam & Ira are still chatting about our time together on today's radio show.
this is such a great shot, no? It was 3 panelists out of 4 picking the 'Cards but of course I did control the beer...

To which my man Ricky P. says:

Even The Man Himself got in on the fun!

So...the contest goes like this:

How to Enter The Wolverine State Brewing Company Bracket Science contest 2013:

1.    Go to: www.badassmunchies.com
2.    Click “Click Here To Join Our Bracket”
3.    That will direct you to the Yahoo sports sign in page.
4.    Sign in OR Create a Yahoo account ID
5.    Agree to the Yahoo Sports rules
6.    Your bracket is automatically created
7.    Click on your bracket and fill it out



GRAND PRIZE:  Beer tasting party for 20 in the Gulo Room
SECOND PRIZE: 2 free Mug Club Memberships
THIRD PRIZE: Wolverine Tee Shirt of choice

And...one more time! Go Blue! Go CARDS!

the b-ball lovin' Wench

 Oooo. cannot resist THIS one! You Go Russ-diculous! THANKS to John U, Sam & Ira, Pete, Josh for putting Pete in front of me, Bob Graham (Graham Auto Repair) for setting up the contest, all my regulars, staff and friends for humoring me during March!

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