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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Now This is SWEET!

Yes, it's Sweet Sixteen time in b-ball land and for the first time in ever, the Michigan Wolverines are ready to take on Kansas so they can move on to the Elite Eight. After that, well, you know where my loyalties truly lie....

In honor of this on Friday, March 29 in the Tap Room DURING THE GAME ONLY (tip off: 7:37 pm EST) we are offering Premium and Amber lagers for just $1 for a 15 ounce pour! Yep. I said that. Come and watch on one of our 6 TVs between  the 2 rooms and cheer on the Wolverines with a Wolverine Lager!

And of note in Beer News this week:

Women Drink More Beer than Wine! (well, duh this is a BEER WENCH blog)

There Is Something That You Are Supposed To Drink Called "Straw-Ber-Ita" (and it sells!)

Newcastle Makes A Video Making (hilarious) Fun of American College Basketball (funny)

Our Heroes the Founders Brewing Co. Will Start Selling in Florida Soon

St. Pat's Day Was Flat for Beer

Don't ever say I don't provide you people with useful content!

Go Cards!
Go Blue!

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