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Friday, March 1, 2013

In Like a Lion?

Nah, more like a Wolverine. Those bastards are really tough!

Yeah, it's March 1 and here in The Deuce we are still snowy and pretty darn cold. I'm feeling a little random today....so here we go:

The Tap Room has been transformed thanks to me getting up at the a**-crack of dawn and with the help of an intrepid fan/volunteer!  March is truly one of my favorite months for many reasons. It is the official start of Beer Drinking Season (for the amateurs as we professionals never truly stop). But there is no denying the Importance of March 17 on the drinking calendar. This year it dovetails nicely with my 2nd fav thing about March: the Madness. Yep. Selection Sunday for the men's NCAA basketball tournament is on Sunday, March 17. (go cards. go blue)

Attended the "I Heart Ann Arbor Dot Com Slash Discover Ann Arbor Video Viewing Party" (whew) last night. It was hosted by Ewing Pros, a group of amazing Realtors with (my favorite company) Charles Reinhart Co.  They put together a great promo for Our Fair City:

And cool swag abounded....

We will do this again when we "Love Dexter" in a few weeks too!

The Beer of the Month for March (which will be on tap Monday, March 11):

(note the awesomely awesome Dragon Wagon St. Patty's Day Eve show)

And it's March Madness Markdown time for AMBER LAGER CASES!
stock up. Just saying.

We froze our tails off and drank some beers last weekend in GR!

Yeah...um....all that beer and a sleddin' hill too? Not so much.

Finally, the March music schedule its fabulous entirety:

Tues. 3/5: Fauxgrass Quartet

Sat. 3/9: Kevin & the Glen Levens

Tues 3/12: Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

Thurs. 3/14: Corndaddy

Sat. 3/16 : Dragon Wagon St. Pat’s Eve Bash

Tues. 3/19: Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

Tues 2/26: Peter Madcat Ruth

Thurs. 2/28: Corndaddy

Sat. 3/30: Dragon Wagon

Finally, The Gulo Room is booking up but there are some prime weekends in June still available. Email yours truly:
and book your party today! You know you want to, especially since we got this sweet claw mark on the wall now!

That's it for now....
Wench (celebrating the month she becomes the mother of a 21-year old)

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Melissa Keir said...

It is a rough time when you become that parent of a 21 year old. It seems like just yesterday you were the at 21 year old!

I can't wait to see the I <3 Dexter video!