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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beer 'o The Month: Snakes on A Shamrock--Irish Red Lager

And now, once again, from the horse's...erm...mouth...(Oh I'm kidding, relax): The Wolverine State Brewing Company's Beer O' The Month for March, in the brewer's own words...

4.6% abv
21 IBU's

The name comes from the Irish legend that St. Patrick himself banished all of the snakes from Ireland into the sea after they attacked him while he was in the middle of a 40-day fast.  However modern science has revealed that post-glacial Ireland probably never had snakes on it to begin with.

(But it still sounds cool--Wench)

Couple that with the the Samuel L. Jackson kickass movie "Snakes on a Plane!" along with the most prevalent of Irish symbols--the Shamrock--and you have a beer name that is, well, frickin' sweet.

Now, the actual beer we have brewed is based on an Irish Red Ale style which is the predominant one in the style guidelines, but lends itself to much interpretation.  Including reformulating the recipe as a LAGER. The recipe is pretty simple but makes for a quaffable and flavorful beer, thanks to the geniuses in the brewery.

(Ok, now you're getting carried away--Wench)

It is made with mostly Pale Ale malt which is one of the more hearty of base malts. We used flaked rice for about 15% of the recipe to lighten the body and then crystal malts to give the beer a nice, soft sweetness that's not cloying whatsoever.  Top it off with a splash of roasted malt and amber malt to give it the deep ruby hues which border on brown but when held up to the light are unquestionably red.

For hops we used German Magnum just for bittering to balance out the soft malty sweetness and lend no aroma or overtly hoppy flavor. This was done on purpose as we intended this beer to be super easy to drink with lots of layered-in malt flavors.

The beer will pair well with rich, flavorful foods as it won't interfere with taste and won't bog you down because it is very light to medium bodied.

There you have it, and it is ON TAP NOW!

Don't forget that we are hosting the "St. Practice Day Eve" live music event with DRAGON WAGON on Saturday 3/16 (oh dear lord the same day Wenchling Numero Uno turns 21, bless him). Jay from DeBajo Del Sol will be on hand that night with some delish, St. Patty's Day style food offerings for your purchase.

Let the Craic begin!


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