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Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Monday in February!


Yeah, it's cold but at least it's snowy which makes it a lot more interesting than last year. And it's Monday...and February.

So here is a quick recap of what's happening, in and around the Wolverine Brewery and Tap Room in the coming weeks:

This weekend we have our second Indie Art Fair on Saturday. Come, Drink, Shop and Jam with us 1-7 pm

And the next day we are hosting a fund raiser for the Ann Arbor Civic Theater:

It's Winter Beer Fest up in GR....we will be there freezing our arses off along with you and all the amazing Michigan craft beer offerings:

And we have a positively KILLER line up of live music including 3 very special guests as part of our "Bluegrass in Residency" program a.k.a. LOUGrass on Tuesday nights. And you know, there is not much more depressing than a Monday in February--unless it's a Tuesday. We have the remedy!

Tue. 2/5: Kevin and the Glen Levens

Tue. 2/12: Miss Tess & the Talkbacks 

Th. 2/14: CornDaddy

Tue. 2/19: Nora Jane Struthers 

Sat. 2/23: Post V-day Not Quite St. Patrick’s Day with Ghost City Searchlight/The Devil Elvis Show/Annie Palmer

Tue 2/26: Billy Strings & Don Julin

Th. 2/28: CornDaddy

We'll be pouring Wolverine Lagers (well, I will because the room is filled with CHOCOLATE!) at the Wild Swan Theater Chocolate Crush fund raiser!

Finally, our Beer Of the Month is: REVILO, an 7.5% India Red Lager and will be on tap after Feb. 11 (plus we have a fun twofer sale on Tee shirts on Valentine's Day.

There you have it! Go forth and spread the word and we will see YOU soon!

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