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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fire In the Basement? Maybe....

Greetings and Salutations from the Frozen Tundra known as Ann Arbor Michigan!

It's almost....

Winter Beer Fest in Grand Rapids

March Madness

St. Patrick's Day

and all sorts of fun beer-drinking-holidays!

Thought I'd share some info on a couple of beers, one new, one a popular return to the Tap Room taps!

Our brewers are nothing if not creative and are taking their mission to lead the lager revolution in craft beer Very Seriously.  Case in point: BASEMENT FIRE, one of the newer and more creative turns of phrase in our litany of lagers.

I will let the brewer tell it in his own words:

"Basement Fire--A Smoked & Peppered Lager
 5.8% abv
20 IBU's

The urge to brew a smoked beer has been burning a hole in our curiosities for quite some time. We took some serious liberties with its formulation as well as its execution and its depth and complexities will surely shine through upon first sips.  Very carefully chosen Pilsner, Munich, and Vienna malts were considered to help showcase the cherry wood smoked malt that is the heart of their beer. The smokey character found in this lager billows out in the aroma and is poignantly displayed among the other hearty flavors.  We used Butcher's Block Black Pepper in the brew and then aged the beer on Smoked Chiplote peppers and Tri-color peppers cons which gives a pleasant heat, and mild pepper bite on the tongue. Basement Fire is one of our most unique lagers to date and we encourage folks to try pairing this brew with many types of food, especially rich cheeses."

Mmmmmm.....pepper......you really gotta try this one!

And a returning hit:

"Faustian Stout--Baltic Porter
8.7% abv
34 IBU's
First off this beer is NOT a stout!
The Baltic Porter style comes from the countries bordering the Baltic Sea (Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia). It is derived from English Porters and Russian Imperial Stouts but utilizing lager yeast. So: It is a LAGER! Stouts are ales. The Baltic Porter is characterized by rich and complex aromas and flavors that are malt forward.

In the aroma you will find rich malt sweetness coupled with caramel, toastiness, nuttiness, hints of mild roast, and some subtle but complex esters reminiscent of dried dark fruits like plums, raisins or currants. You may also find spots of dark chocolate and coffee with a tinge of smoke.

The flavors of the Faustian Stout are where the action is. Again, rich maltiness and sweetness, dried fruit notes, smooth roasty character all should seem very smooth and hot harsh. The malts invoke caramel, toffee, molasses and licorice notes. There is a very little hop flavor but just enough bitterness to balance the sweetness. There is also a bit smoky peaty character from the peated malt. All this packed into a full-bodied lager that will coat the drinker's mouth and release the complexity throughout the drinking experience.

When we brew this beer we aim for a little more roasty character than is asked by style guidelines which is why we aptly named with the stout moniker.

*The character "Faust" in historic literature is a man who is dissatisfied with life and makes a deal with the Devil to gain knowledge and power in exchange for his soul.   Ultimately leading him to eternal damnation. There are different takes on this story by many famous writers throughout history. We called this beer the "Faustian Stout" as we are making a Baltic Porter (a LAGER! don't forget) but calling it a stout thus making our pact with the Devil....."

Pacts with the Devil...yes....I like it.....

You should come and see what you think about that and there is no time like the present!

If you are at the Winter Beer Fest we will have these beers on hand to sample:
Wolverine Premium, Dark and Amber Lagers
Gulo Gulo India Pale Lager
Barista, brown lager made with RoosRoast coffee
Basement Fire (see brewer's fabulous words above)
and.....a skosh of MASSACRE....the very last of our bourbon barrel aged Imperial Dark Lager.

We shall rock it.

See you soon!


Kelli @ Momma Needs a Beer said...

Can't WAIT to try Basement Fire on Saturday!! Sounds hellishly delicious... Cheers!!

The Beer Simpleton said...

The Faustian Stout-Baltic Porter sounds amazing!! I usually steer clear of porters as I find them lacking and much prefer the Stout style of beer, but this one sounds like a Porter that has more body and character than your usual black lager. Thanks for the descriptive write-up! I will certainly be on the lookout for this one!