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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat WHAT? Already?

Oh, um, hey there....pardon me as I stuff the last bit of this Paczki into my pie hole....ok...I'm good now and just need to put in about 3 hours today on the spinning bike to work it off.

Now, onto the Mardis Gras Post!

woo hoo! yay! have a beer with your jelly donut!

All right let's get down to biz here shall we?
I have a HUGE night planned for YOU in my Tap Room tonight.

By the aligning of several planets, sheer serendipity and perchance a skosh of "Oh crap, really?" we will be hosing live music as part of out regular (that is to say "regular" as in You Already Know About It) Tuesday Bluegrass live music program.

 And we are honored to host MISS TESS AND THE TALKBACKS TONIGHT AT 8 PM!! 

This band will kick serious Bluegrass Ass for us tonight in lieu of Lindsay Lou who has her group out on a west coast tour.

There was a bit of a kerfluffle over the weekend vis a vis the fact that I hosted a Valentine's Day Art fair on Saturday, the same day that Michigan had a big basketball game.  I apologize if you felt inconvenienced by having to utilize my rental room with the bigger televisions and skylights. But that was not my intent. 

I am here to serve all my audiences.

ERGO: this is your official Beer Wench (i.e. no bitching allowed because the music has been promoted for weeks now) notice that the Michigan/Michigan State game WILL BE ON ALL TV'S FROM 9 PM BUT THE SOUND FOR THE GAME WILL ONLY BE ON IN THE GULO ROOM (a.k.a. my brand new, really nice room with bigger tv's, plenty of seating and the same beer you get in the Tap Room PLUS  a few bonus beers you will find out when you get there).

Oh, and it's Mardis Gras. I'm pretty sure Allen, Josh and Abdoul will not complain if you show them your t*ts. But they have no beads to throw. Fair warning. Lifting your shirt is for beer only.

So join us tonight as we celebrate Mardi/Grass/Go Blue in the Gulo Room night!!!!

Your beloved and ever patient

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