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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brews News for V-day Week

A couple of brews are new on our boards this month.

Revilo--India Red Lager
7.4% abv
85 IBU's
An homage to our brewer "Oliver" (yeah, read it backwards) this beer consists of a big Pilsner malt base with hefty doses of caramel that are accentuated in the flavor and work well with the large amount of hops.

A blend of American and German hops are used, notably US Saaz, German Halelrtau and Zythos. The beer is dry-hopped with Cluster, Zythos and Cascade for a big ol' hoppy nose.

This is year 2 of this beer as the feature for Februrary

The HopStadt Albier--Dusseldorf style Alt
4.2% abv
40 IBU's

"Altbier" means "old" as in an old style of brewing.  Even the Germans brewed ales once, before the discovery of lager yeasts but this particular style is considered a hybrid because it uses a yeast that ferments at cooler alte temps (60-65 degrees F) but is lagered (stored very cold) for a longer period of time to mature the flavors.  This process gives the beer a smoother, cleaner palate that is more common with ales.  So while this beer is technically an ale, because of the yeast used, we treat it like a lager.

Defined by its complex and robust malt aromas, with hints of noble hops, the HopStadt has an assertive bitterness slightly moderated by the rich malt flavor. But it is not sweet. It is dry, with a clean, crisp finish that is both quenching and light bodied.

This beer won GOLD at the World Expo of Beer in Frankenmuth in the Amber Hybrid category and is a great session beer, perfect for pairing with peppery or salty foods.

And don't forget tomorrow it's 2-for one couples night with 2-fers on all REVILO MEDIUMS AND black horizon logo tee shirts!


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