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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Would You Like Some COFFEE With That?

Hey! Are you awake out there? I mean, it is January, a month I firmly believe was meant for human hibernation, and all. 


Well, I think my brewerz may have the solution for you...

I got the extreme pleasure of meeting John Roos, founder of RoosRoast, this week to discuss our collaboration brew: BARISTA. Not only did I meet the guy (who, it could be argued, drinks a little too much coffee as his mind whirls even faster than mine) I was treated to my first "coffee roasting" moment, including the "first and second cracks" and the absolutely intoxicating aroma of the process.

In short, RoosRoast has roasted a Columbian coffee specifically for us to use in a brown lager that the brewers here crafted specifically to highlight the coffee-ness of said coffee beer. Now, I have always CLAIMED that keeping these 2 vices of mine separate (coffee and beer) were "important" to me.  Frankly, most coffee porters or stouts I have ever tried tasted like ... roasty porters or stouts. Which lead to my previous statement about keeping these 2 things separate (I drink coffee until it becomes socially acceptable to have a beer, right?)

But this beer....this is something utterly different.  The malt bill was designed with the unique properties of the Columbian coffee bean in mind. One of my brewerz, Karl Hinbern, could be considered a "coffee guy" in addition to being a "beer guy," and he introduced me to the beer AND Mr. Roos. And let me say, I'm very glad of knowing them both.

We are gonna celebrate our FIRST collaboration at a little party on Thursday, January 31. The beer will be available after 6 pm, and Darcy's Cart will be on hand to serve some dishes designed to complement the brew. You can meet John Roos for yourself (and you will want to, he is "a character" so sayeth I, your favorite character of all). He'll have an espresso machine on hand too, should THAT be your poison but I assure you that BARISTA will knock your little coffee and beer lovin' socks off.

You can find out more about RoosRoast at their site: www.roosroast.com.

I am LOVING this collab----2 of my favorite beverages on the planet. In one. In a combination that is in keeping with our Lager Revolution claim, for real.
BARISTA: A Wolverine/Roos Production. 6.4% ABV A brown lager made with coffee.

A slightly over-caffeinated

p.s. IF there is any caffeine in this beer it is negligible. Because as I just learned this moment, the darker the roast, the lower the caffeine.

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