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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Not Quite The End of the World

No, although as I sit here and write this from a hotel room down in Paducah, Kentucky sometimes I wonder if I have not entered a Mayan parallel universe.  My Nana was 98 when she died on Wednesday and it is entirely appropriate that we are here, during the Christmas season, to celebrate her life.

I spent pretty much every Christmas of my life, until I was old enough to create my own traditions with my own family, with her.  She was Christmas to me, and always will be.

And on my way down here yesterday I got word of another death, that of Bill D'Antoni, a young man (meaning: my age) who died of a heart attack in Florida a day before boarding a cruise ship with his wife. Bill was one of my first and best college friend.  I am numb right now, but wanted you beer peeps to know I will be raising several glasses to him and my Nana (who, if you must know, was an avowed teetotaler who made me swear when I was 16 that the "poison of alcohol would never pass my lips."  Bless her)

I hope to be back for this amazing party, but if I am not, I EXPECT you to carry on partying for me.

Happy Holidays. Hold you loved ones as close as you can (or that that will stand for).


TeacherPatti said...

I'm so sorry about your loss, ET. I will see you when you get back and we will toast your Nana.

Booze Traveler said...

It was wonderful to meet you at Bill's celebration of life. I wish it could have been under better circumstances. I have saved one of your barrel aged beers to open on Dec. 21, 2013, in Bill's honor. I will toast your Nana too.