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Welcome to the Wench's World--the A2 Beer Wench to be exact. I once owned a brewery. Also once learned a lesson from that! If you've stumbled upon me, cool. What follows may or may not be directly related to real estate, the publishing biz, craft beer, Ann Arbor, or sports, but it sure will be fun and many times profane as the circumstances warrant! Enjoy (or not) at your own risk!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hot off the presses....

Mark your Calendars!

Tuesday 4th Flatland Harmony Experiment 8-12
Thursday 6th Tone Farmers 8:30-12
Saturday 8th Jen Sygit 8:30-12
Tuesday 11th LL+FB's 8-12
Saturday 15th Dirty Deville 8:30-012
Tuesday 18th LL+FB's 8-12
Friday 21st Kevin Devine sing along 6-7 Kevin and the Glen Levens 8:30-12
Saturday 22nd Appleseed Collective 8:30-12

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