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Monday, December 31, 2012

It's THAT Time of Year....Again?

Holy hell, people I swear I just wrote my "best of" 2011 post.

Ok, here goes. We had LOTS AND LOTS of changes around the Wolverine State Brewing Co. If you are a Tap Room regular, semi-regular or a follower of our antics you know that we did a MAJOR expansion thingie, among other .... stuff....so
The A2 Beer Wench's Top 10 List of 2012 Events or Other Random Shit

10.  Wolverine Winter Lager came out for the 2nd year, but at the "right time" for "winter beers" which, I have surmised, is October-ish.

9. Deciding to bottle GULO GULO---yeah, we know this beer is kick ass. It is my personal favorite. Watch for our distinctive packaging this coming summer and get your India Pale Lager fix any time in bottle form.

8.  Hiring new staff! We filled out a couple of employee rosters this year, with Karl Hinbern coming on board as brewer full time and audio/visual genius in his spare moments, while Rick Wilson joined the crew as Chief Packaging Engineer and creator of the amazing Smoking Gunn lager (on tap now). And the Tap Room has a few new faces. Hopefully by now you've met Abdoula and Josh and can help us welcome Sara after the first of the year.

7.  We got snow already!  Which means we WILL be planning that Iron Wolverine Snow Day drinking party when we toss the beer garden back together temporarily and make you sit outside to quaff for a day. Details to emerge.

6.  That Ugly Sweater Festivus party----if you were there you KNOW how awesome it was. If not, well, there is always 2013.

5.  Brady Hoke and the Michigan Wolverines had another GREAT season! As I have been heard to say more than once, "football season" to us is like the Holidays Times a Thousand.  All those amazing stacks of delicious beer in and around your favorite local retail stores, and all the fun we have in the Tap Room on game days---Go Blue!

4.  Having 4 bottled products on store shelves this holiday season! Yeah, it rocks. Get YOUR sixer of Premium, Dark, Amber lagers and Winter Lager while it lasts at Ann Arbor Busch's stores, Whole Foods, Mejier and even some at (gasp) Kroger.

3.  The learning curve this year with regard to a few unavoidable annoyances that are part and parcel of a brewery's wholesaling business was.....steep.  I will say this to anyone considering getting into this business and seeking unsolicited advice: Know who is really working in your company's best interests. It is sometimes shocking and disappointing when you figure out how many entities you THINK are, are really actually....not.

2.  The MASSACRE! Our kick off "Ferocious Lager" series product, an Imperial Dark lager aged in bourbon barrels for the better part of the year. This beer was (yes, I said "was" as there is maybe a case or 2 left and I plan to drink a few to toast in 2013 myself) a highly successful, well reviewed, and extremely popular new project for us. We are pondering when/how to continue this series in 2013, and have been noodling with bottling the Gulo Cubed (the Imperial IPL. a.k.a. The Male Panty Dropper, thank you very much Jimmy New Holland) in 4-packs but also plan to bring back the wax dipped and delicious Massacre as well.

And the Number 1 cool as shit thing about 2012:
The Gulo Room. Hit me up to rent this killer room for YOUR private party soon!

Cheers kids and Happy New Year to you all