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Monday, December 10, 2012


And, at long last, and after 6 months of construction hell...erm..."fun" we are ready.  We still have a few little dribs and drabs of work to be done but we've broken that sucker in real nice with 2 GREAT parties last week. So.....

The Gulo Room is at your service.

(Just Temporary furniture)

capacity--- 70 but only about 50 seated
cost-------- $50 an hour UP FRONT as a deposit for the date
                   And Cost of beer Plus tip for your private beer tender
other stuff--You are renting a "Beer Hall" so there is no other alcohol allowed in. Go with it...we have GREAT beer! There may be a point at which this changes depending on how I get our license adjusted by in the meantime.....drink some of our Great Craft Lagers!

I have openings next week, and the week between Xmas and New Year's EXCLUDING Dec. 26.

Email me: etcrowe@wolverinebeer.com and let's get YOUR party planned!

And speaking of parties we are planning our FIRST EVER UGLY SWEATER FESTIVUS PARTY!
Spearheaded by The New Guy (Josh) and in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Wellness Collective we will offer prizes for the UGLIEST and the MOST CREATIVE sweaters plus: come ready to air your grievances, and participate in "feats of strength" Festivus Style.  We'll watch some Seinfeld and then party with a DJ from about 9 p.m.

More details to emerge....


So call about 60 of your friends, then email Yer Fav Ann Arbor Beer Wench and let's plan that party!
P.S:  New Year's Eve date is still open as of this writing......tick ... tick...tick...

Don't wait and see if we are all around on 12/22 to book it!


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