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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Internet Advice, Art Fairs, Gulo Rooms and Gift Giving

Here are a few Wench-based thoughts for this lame duck week:

1.  If you must comment on an online newspaper article or rant about a particular restaurant, bar or other local haunt and really want to make people give a crap about what you say, run a spell and grammar check first. Trust me.  Nothing screams "I'm a loser. Ignore me." Than comments that contain a 70/30 ratio of misspellings and grammar errors that would make your fifth grade teacher want to jump out a window.  I'm not referring to anything in particular, mind you. I/we get my/our fair share of hate-spewing commentary on various platforms. I'm just giving general advice. If you must hate online, spell it right for God's sake.

2.  We are trying something awesome and new this weekend in the Tap Room! Ann Arbor's INDIE ART FAIR will be held on Sunday, Dec. 2. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to hold a great craft lager from my brewers while simultaneously supporting local artists with your purchases.

3.  Friday 11/30 during Happy Hour in the Tap Room (4-8 pm-ish) we are happy to welcome your donations to BLOOM AFRICA, a non-profit raising money to benefit orphans in the African nation of Lesotho who have been personally been affected by HIV/AIDS.  On November 30th, friends of Bloom Africa will be hosting happy hour events at locations all across the country. For more info about their group go to: http://www.bloomafrica.org.

4.  Stuck, stymied and otherwise at a loss for what to get the CRAFT BEER LOVER in your life? Look no more: Buy a 6-pack of our Wolverine Winter Lager AND a gift ticket for a 4-pack of MASSACRE, the bourbon barrel aged Imperial Dark Lager for just $25. Bam. Shopping done.

5.  A reminder of our hours.  Don't whine you were not told about these. And note: the 1/2 off Growler Fill Xmas Eve Event is scheduled for noon-4.  This is a GREAT way to get some beer to get you through the next 2 days as we will be CLOSED 12/25 and 12/26.

6.  The Gulo Room.....awaits a final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy.  I am taking reservations for this totally unique rental hall for January!  Just email me etcrowe@wolverinebeer.com

7.  Finally, Women Making Connections is hosting a Holiday Party and book signing that Yours Truly will participate in on 12/12/12 at 5 p.m. This is a GREAT networking group full of motivated women who own or run their own businesses and the men who support them. Food will be provided by Ayse's Cafe. *YUMMMM Turkish food!*  Your $25 gets you a beer, light snacks and a BOOK SIGNED BY ME (or one of the other authors on the list!)  To register just click: http://www.womenmakingconnections.com/news-landing-page/ann-arbor/464-girls-night-out-121212


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