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Monday, November 19, 2012

Here We Are Again: The Thanksgiving Post

It's that time of year again....time to drag out the good cheer, the annoying family members, the dusty holiday decorations and load up the fridge with enough food for a small nation and enough booze to lubricate your way through the good cheer, the annoying family members and the dust.

NOTE TO TAP ROOM PATRONS: There is a box by the door....bring in your gently used outerwear for Reinhart's Annual Coat Drive and drop 'em in there!

It's also time for Wench's annual list of "What I Am Thankful For."

Channing Tatum on the cover of People magazine aside (WHAT? You know you saw it too and stared for a minute) I have many things to mention this year, the year of the Big First Expansion.  Other than hitting moments where we heave a collective sigh and say "what the F$#@ were we thinking?" while pointing at each other and being all "this was YOUR F$#@ing idea wasn't it?"  it's pretty cool.

So without further noise or Wenchiness, my 2012 List of What I'm Thankful for in reverse order so you will read to the bottom:

10.  Wolverine Dark Lager. I have officially declared THIS beer my fav. of our malt forward beers. It is nearly perfect, to my mind with a great balance of richness and with a mild 19 IBU bite.  Get some:

9.  Shaggy, Travis, Tanya and Abdoula----> the best DAMN beer bartenders, water cleaner-uppers, quick thinkers, and representatives for our brand in this or any other universe. Tell them I said so, willya?

8.  The Captain, a.k.a. Earl Roy, the man without whom nothing, including those weird receptacles in the women's room that shall remain unnamed, would be possible. 

7.  My soon-to-be office. Although I'll miss the view of my current one....

6.  A keg washer, with instructions in Chinese.

5. MALT (and water, hops and yeast) and the deliciousness that comes from them....

4. The Future GULO ROOM ..... taking reservations for the New Year!

3.BATHROOMS~urinals~privacy stalls.....yes I am easily amused.

2. Da Brewerz: (there is a spare one in there, never mind him)

1.  The hard work of everyone concerned around here, including my fav sales guys who make a point to be "quality testers" at the bar every week!

Happy Turkey Week everyone! Don't forget our special deal starting Friday, 11/23 at noon!
And our hours....(print and post on your fridge)

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