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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Michigan Men Drinking My Beer--OR Wench Takes the Roth Tower

Just another day in the life of your Wench but one in which I got to take the elevator up to the Roth Tower in the Big House.

For just 45 minutes last evening I got to drink a few Wolverine Beers with my peeps, Brady, Gary, Lloyd, Hamilton, Phil, Fred and bunch of other (kinda large football-ish) dudes. Why? You ask, other than the obvious reason (that there is no one else they would want to lift a lager with?

The Michigan Men's Football Experience is a fund racer for the UoM Prostate Cancer Research effort. Every year men from all over (and some of them came from Alaska this year I kid you not) are invited to "attend camp" with the coaching staff, hang in the locker room (No, they did not invite me to this part), wear the uniforms and "be" a Michigan football Wolverine for a couple of days in exchange for a donation of $5000.  Last night was the "team dinner" with reception which they took pretty darn seriously. All the chicks had to leave before the dinner part (there are no "women" on the football team.)

It was a ton of fun. And not only because I got my big old Brady Hoke hug (twice) as he sucked back a couple of Premium Lagers (no pictures please). As I worked the room a little, snapping candids of men drinking my beer (wait...oh yeah, I said that) I met three different guys who had been in my bar (one of them--adorable) reminded me I had actually waited on him in the "early days". That guy now lives in Chicago but hopes to return.

Another guy (Randy Meadows) stopped me as I was making my way to the crush around Coach Hoke to tell me that the first thing he thought when he realized he was returning to live in Ann Arbor from Wisconsin: I get to hang out regularly at the Wolverine Tap Room.
Yours Truly all dressed up like a grownup with Hamilton Chang and Phil Grashoff, the co-chairs of the event)

The whole thing warmed the cockles of my busy little heart people. 
And yeah, coach I'll be at the golf outing and this time the beer will start out cold.

On the Bad News Front:
We (as in my beer) got cut out of the "set" at all Ann Arbor Kroger stores this week. Yep, that's right. For the last nearly 2 years running you have been able to buy your 6-pack of Wolverine Lager from stores on the West, East and North sides of Our Fair City. But thanks to some guys in St. Louis (!) you can't. I will be addressing this on a regional level I assure you and woe betide these dudes because my same stores sales were more than adequate. 
But I need your help.

CALL TO ACTION: Please, I beg you, go to your favorite Ann Arbor Kroger and do me a giant favor. Stand in the beer cooler, staring at the slot were Wolverine Premium Lager USED TO BE and look puzzled and mildly (or egregiously) annoyed. It won't take long for a guy likely wearing an Anhauser-Busch shirt (!) to say: can I help you find something (tasteless to drink)?
You: "Do you work here?"
That guy: "No. But I can help you (find something tasteless to drink)."
You: "Huh. I doubt it. I need to see a store manager."
That guy: "Well, if it's about  beer, I can help you..."
You: "Fine. Where is the Wolverine Lager? This is my favorite store and where I have been purchasing my delicious, locally-produced, very popular and craft brewed lager beverage for nearly 2 years. Where did it go?"
That guy: "It was discontinued."
You (being obtuse):  "Discontinued? How is that. They still make it. I just bought some from (insert either MEIJER or BUSCH'S here) over the weekend but I love it so much I'm already out."
That guy: "No. Kroger discontinued it. It wasn't selling well."
You (shocked face): "You must not be from around here dear because that shelf was always getting emptied.  Just last week I had to ask the manager to pull some from the back because the shelf was empty."
(cross your arms and look even more annoyed)
That guy: "Well, we can't please everyone. How about you try this (he hands you a six pack of macro).
You (Jumping away as if he were holding a poisonous snake): "Are you kidding me? Please get me the store manager. Or, I guess I'll be shopping at Busch's or Meijer from now on."
REPEAT steps above with store manager.
If I can add your groundswell of legitimate demand to my efforts at the other end of the chain, I feel certain we will correct what I certain is a mere oversight very very soon.
I promise.

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