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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Official Smack Talk Post--OR Go. Cards. UK Fans need not apply

Yeah, in case you were under a rock with that Patrick Star guy and missed it: MY LOUISVILLE CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR!!

If this doesn't give you chills...well YOU my friend are a UK fan and are welcome to get the F$#@ off my blog.

Louisville First Cards Forever from evan westendorf on Vimeo.

Now, in the interest of face saving I will admit that on Sunday morning Mr. Wench and I rolled over to face one another and the first words out of our mouths were: "Oh Shit we bought tickets didn't we?"

Yes, we did.  

However, when one gets down to the nitty-gritty reality of following one's team of the ends of the earth because that is just the kind of fan you are, sometimes, the numbers are scary.
The four tickets cost what they cost and never you mind that BUT to get 4 of the Wench family members to NOLA, put them up in a likely one-step-above-fraternity-house style hotel was a solid 5-figure number. And that was only staying for the Saturday Game. Yeah.


So we have divested ourselves of the tickets and are pondering our options. There are many invites on the table for a trip to the 'Ville. That is very tempting. One even from Cousin Wench who declares it a 1986-Redux party

 complete with our fraternity and sorority letter shirts and Old Mil to drink. Never mind that the "1986 win" was a a different sort of milestone for the Mister and Herself but (ahem) we'll leave the why there is still a room called "The Crowe's Nest" in the new Phi Tau house on the U of L campus for a different blog, shall we?


I know---I hear you. BUT! Let's talk some smack for a moment shall we?

You kids are gonna have to bear with me....it's been a while...I am feeling it. 

Suck it Izzo...

If you come into my Tap Room tomorrow (I'll be there from about 2 until 6) WEARING CARDINAL RED AND SAY "GO CARDS" TO ME....a FREE BEER for YOU!
sighs......Le Love Mr. Pitino

And please...for the record....I am NOT bad talking UK Fans... Nope. Not me.

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
although I realize the unlikeliness of the win I am a FAN therefore I cheer.

I'll miss you Kyle.......

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