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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So about this time every year, the beer world goes a-buzzin for a home grown product. Yep. It's Oberon Release day folks.  

For those of you under a rock, Oberon is a wheat ale, fermented with Bells' "house yeast." It's fruity, spicy and a pretty easy drinking beer these days.  The ubiquitous blue and orange cases are out and about.
Get you some.  

It puts me in mind of how lucky we are here in Michigan.

Truly lucky.

To have THE largest fresh water source in the world, come zombie apocalypse time we will be living large.  

And to think we have such riches when it comes to beer too!
Seriously, think about it. There is hardly a corner of the mitten where real beer drinkers can NOT find a decent brew pub. That rocks.

You know my favs (behind my own beloved WolverineHomeOfTheLagerRevolution--oops, sorry, been tweeting too much. Makes me run my words together).

New Holland (Hatter and the Poet)
Arcadia (Rogenberry--BOTTLE IT!)
Dark Horse (Crooked Tree)
Detroit (Kolsch)
Bells (2 Hearted)
Shorts (Huma Lupa However The Hell you Spell It)
And those are just the Packaged ones....don't get me started on the Pub Only options like at Saugatuck,Witches Hat, Grizzly and OG in particular....

Love ya.
Drink up!
Drink Michigan!

p.s. GO CARDS!

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