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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Rocked It--OR No, THEY Rocked It

When you open a brewery there is pretty much one thing on your mind.  Beer.  And for The Brain, The Man and Yours Truly, how to slice off a hunk of a crowded, plump and juicy market for ourselves.  

Yes, we love beer.  As a matter of fact The Man (in his days before becoming a stuffy lawyer) BREWED beer.  Still likes to.  My own self? I embarked on a journey, chronicled in this very forum that has brought me to a place where I find myself berating poor, innocent (and somewhat cute) waitstaff at places like (shudder) J Alexanders in the Heart of Darkness Suburbs because they don't have One Single Beer from their own state on tap.  Spare me your lectures on "but that's not their market."  I disagree.  It should be.  

I'm headed in a particular direction with this line of thinking so bear with me.  However, because it's almost holiday time AND we are still honing said "direction with this line of thinking" amongst and between ourselves (the word "REVOLUTION" plays a big part) PLUS we I have an event to re-cap for you, I'll save it.


When you open a brewery you have one thing on your mind.  And it usually does not include huge events for a major, well-respected non profit agency, a local FM Radio station that has finally found a "voice" that resonates nice and deep with Our Fair City, and a Detroit-based indie band on the cusp of something bloody huge.


However, because we have such a great location, with great beers, with even greater buzz, I wanted to throw such an event. 
So we did.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr played in the Wolverine Tap Room just 2 days ago and personally I am still buzzing about it.

Those guys (see: Free Credit Report dot Com for the "Bill paying work") are seriously and completely talented.

I would joke during that week that they were "Vampire Weekend wannabes" which worked for me 'cause I love those Oxford boys.  

However, now that I've seen them perform live (IN MY BAR---*swoons*) I'm gonna say they are something along the lines of if you threw Vampire Weekend with Cage the Elephant into a room and those two had a love child named Percussion Gun. (yes I love my Sirius/XM Alt Nation and no I received no compensation for mentioning them)


You are gonna HEAR From these guys, mark Wench's words!

Way to go Foodgatherers Mary and Eileen and that girl with the coffee--AnnArbor's 107One's Chris, Martin, John, Tom and whoever else I forgot--nice work TRAVIS and SHAGSTER and DAN.  It was a wild and crazy Sunday . 

And I want more.

Don't forget! Wednesday, Dec. 21 we have Kevin Devine and SANTA in the house!  Family event starts at 5 p.m. and it closes out our food drive at the Brewery.  And we release Winter Lager...I think that's it but I might come up with somethin' else....


Fred from Fred & Ginger said...

Can't wait to see you

Fred from Fred & Ginger said...

also not big with code

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Cottage Inn Pizza!