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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ode to One More Summer--OR Pass the Football Already

Ah summer ... a time of plans made, goals set, projects begun and spirits high.
this is random as shit...sorry, this little Wolverine dude spoke to me...sort of a "hey it's cool" vibe.  

And yet again, life has intervened and kept me too busy for any of that stuff.

I was going to:

1.  do Bikram yoga every day and re-lose the 20 pounds I lost and regained during our Big Startup Year.

2.  get that 2nd bathroom renovated

3.  start on my Cicerone training

4.  Organize my home office

5.  Rise each day at 6 and hit the sheets by midnight

6.  get a couple of wenchlings into promised guitar lessons

oh, all sorts of lofty goals were set, indeed, they were.

But, here we are the last weekend before the Official End of Summer and I did exactly ZERO of those things.  Oh, and I forgot to organize a family vacation.  Sheesh.

Well, on the bright side, The Wolverine State Brewing Company is robust.  And then some.  So much so I am turning away distributors and retailers because there just is not enough bloody beer to go around...yet.

That said, please (as they say) Watch This Space for some big, expansion-type announcements VERY SOON....

and from me to you a bit of Wenchie profundity you are welcome to snitch and use as your Facebook profile as long as you realize I will be coming after you for royalties:

If it doesn't get done, then it didn't need doing.

yes, that rocks. especially if you're emo.
or there is this:
you can choose your profundity:

ALERT!     A NEW WENCH BLOG FORMAT COMING AFTER LABOR DAY!  Each post will have a specific type/style, perhaps even a brand of beer attached to it, according to its vibe.  I am accepting your suggestions.  For example:  Today was a piss poor Bud Lite sort of day and here's why.  OR, this was a kick ass fiercely hopped Gulo Gulo kinda day---let me share.  You get the idea.  Send me a beer type/name, and tell me why YOUR day was a Sam Adams Boston Lager sort of one--I might post it on my 50k plus blog-o-monster!

THIS is a view of the Taps at Zingerman's Roadhouse on Friday, August 26, 2011.  lovely, is it not?

Party People!!!!

You know I love you.

that is all.
love and tailgate-tinged kisses


wlynnchantale said...

Nice post. Can I have the hottie standing over the mat. Is that the Warrior's Pose. Doesn't matter I wouldn't mind a long leisurely stretch.

Raven McAllan said...

could you not just send some beer to scotland?