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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Weekend Continues--OR a Guest Blog! (Adult Content Herein)

As the Official Birthday Weekend winds down Wench is delighted to present a Guest Blog (finally) from one of her personal Favs:  The Dude from Itsafuckingbeer.com.  If you know this dude, you already know what follows will be chock full of legit beer review, presented with as much profanity and inappropriate commentary as possible.  I LOVE this guy!

Old Chub, How I Love Thee

My Old Chub, how I love holding you until you are warm. You know that girth really isn't everything but goes a long way. And as you get older, you take a little longer to satisfy. I'm cool with that. I've had bigger, better Scotch Ales, yet I keep coming back for more. You're not too sweet, not too rich or full-bodied, but I still love you. You come in a fucking can, for fuck's sake.

We should get married, you and I...if only we could find a state where that's legal. I'm a ginger from the bible belt - you're a darky from a place closer to the sun. I'm not sure I could keep up with all your outdoor activities and such as melanoma is a fucking bitch. If it's cool with you, we can keep hanging out at night when nobody else is around. You always make me feel so good. Nobody has to know about our special times.

Length is important, and I can go all night long with you.. You never really give up, even when I want to say "no." Sometimes I can't help myself but to come back for a second, third or even sixth fucking time. You're wonderful in my mouth, never letting up for a moment. I love how creamy and smooth you feel going down. Old Chub, we are a match made in heaven. Love me.

And there you have it Wench Followers/Stalkers/Others.  A Tribute to the Dude's Old Chubb, just in time for my birthday weekend to end (and the countdown to the next one to begin.)

cheers!  See ya at the Tap Room this week!

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